Enter the MICRA into the Ultra Family of Nurse Call.

Intercall Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of Nurse Call and Healthcare Facilities communications systems, is announcing its latest product the MICRA MASTER STATION which is undergoing final testing and programming review and anticipated for Hospitals and other Healthcare Facilities installations very soon.

The MICRA Master Station is part of the popular Ultra Series family of products, including the Phoenix 19” Touch Screen Master Station and the Mini-Master Stations.  The Master Stations are used to receive and answer calls from patient rooms and other staff locations and offer standard features as Direct Call, Utility Screens, Staff Locator, Nurse Follower, Patient Scan and Capture, history of calls and self-test to name a few.

The benefit of the MICRA Master is its small size.  It’s approximately 1/3rd the footprint of the other masters within the Ultra Family.  This smaller size saves on counter space and can be wall mounted.  The compact unit features a 7” bright touchscreen display, integrated audio, 60 position Direct Call screen, 5 User menu buttons with multiple levels, Patient Status, etc. and incorporates Ethernet and USB ports.  The station features a minimum of 12 programmable levels of calls including: Normal, Priority, Staff Assist, Cordout, Code Blue and more.

The Ultra System is the premium Intercall Systems Nurse Call product that has many years of evolution and updates built into the system based on the growing needs of Hospitals and nursing staff.  We have taken many years of experience of the full-featured Phoenix Touch Screen and have created a new station that has all the features needed, at half the size and less than half the price of our premium system.  In addition to serving as the Master Control Station, the MICRA can easily replace the Ultra Mini-Master Control stations and provide more features. The MICRA master is equipped with many of the features as the Phoenix master, but comes standard with the ones that nearly all hospitals use, at a significant savings in space and cost. We want our clients to pay for the features and benefits that they need and will use, not extras that are not utilized.

Intercall Systems strives to be the industry leader with nearly fifty years under the same family ownership, in the design, development and manufacturing of the most advance nurse call systems. Our engineers pride themselves in designing custom products for specific applications, and all systems designed and manufactured at our Long Island, NY, factory.  All products are rigorously tested in our state-or-the-art laboratory and are UL and ETL listed for safety and durability.

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